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The impact of mulching on soil moisture and pineapple (Ananas comosus. L. Merr) growth and yield was studied from 2003-2005 at Makandura Research and Development Center. Soil moisture content at 30cm depth was significantly different among treatments at the harvesting stage. Highest soil moisture content of 10.9 at 30cm depth at harvesting was recorded in(More)
One well-known problem with speech synthesis is the occurrence of audible discontinuities at phoneme boundaries, which lead to the unnaturalness of synthetic speech. This paper presents a sinusoidal noise based mathematical method to reform the transition regions from one phoneme to another phoneme with low storage. The speech parameters of sinusoidal noise(More)
Six patients with the Guillain-Barré syndrome were treated by modified plasma exchange. Five of them showed a rapid improvement which was not consistent with the natural history of the disease. The improvement was assessed by monitoring vital capacity and muscle power, grading the ability to perform motor functions and by the duration of the hospital stay.(More)
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