HJ Chatterjee

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Four cases of subcutaneous phycomycosis diagnosed by isolating Basidiobolus meristosorus from affected tissue, are reported along with the growth characters and morphological features of this fungus. This is the first report from Pondicherry, South India where it was it was possible to isolate the causative fungus from each case.
Two hundred and forty eight cases of proved typhoid ileal perforation were admitted and treated in three phases in the department of surgery during 1966-1998. Of these, 71% patients belonged to second and third decades of life. Male female ratio was 4:1. Abdominal pain (100%) fever (95%) and constipation (87%) were the main presenting symptoms. Abdominal(More)
Two hundred and twelve cases of ileal perforation due to different causes (excluding typhoid) were treated in 3 phases in the Department of Surgery, JIPMER Hospital, Pondicherry, during the periods 1966-78 (phase I), 1981-88 (phase II) and 1990-1998 (Phase III). Forty per cent of the patients were in the second and third decades of life. Male-to-female(More)
This is a retrospective study of 32 cases of intestinal injuries sustained among 135 children admitted from cases of abdominal trauma in 1976 till 1989. Falls from height or bullock cart and bull-gore injury formed the majority of the cases (21/32; 65%). Clinical thermometer accounted for perforating injuries in 2 neonates. Penetrating injury accounted for(More)