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N-Acetyl-D,L-alanine-N-benzylamide and N-acetyl-D,L-phenylglycine-N-benzylamide are two novel anticonvulsants that selectively blocked maximal electric shock-induced tonic extensor seizures in mice. For both compounds, the anticonvulsant activity is due to the D-stereoisomer, and the L-stereoisomer is virtually inactive as an anticonvulsant. The marked(More)
The T(c)-cell response to ectromelia virus infection was studied in BALB/c-H-2(db) mice which carry a loss mutation in the H-2D region that results in the absence from cell surfaces of a molecule (D') bearing certain public H-2 specificities. When infected, these mice showed a poor response of T(c) cells that recognize H-2D(d) plus virus-specific(More)
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