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Global climate change influences ecosystems across the world. Alpine plant communities have already experienced serious impacts, and will continue to do so as climate change continues. The aim of our study was to determine the sensitivity of woody and herbaceous species to shifts in temperature along an altitudinal gradient. Since 1994, park rangers have(More)
BACKGROUND Severe and very rare obstetric complications (e.g. eclampsia, postpartum haemorrhage or uterine rupture), typically culminate in a chaotic, uncontrollable sequence of events. Outcome for mother and child depends on whether doctors and midwives are able to quickly take correct decisions and initiate optimal treatment. OBJECTIVES GerOSS (German(More)
The Helias reactor is an upgraded version of the Wendelstein 7-X experiment. The magnetic field has 5 field periods and the main optimization principle is the reduction of the pfirsch-Schlueter currenrs and the Shafranov shift, which has been verified by computations with the NEMEC and MFBE-codes. The modular coil system comprises 50 coils, which are(More)
Accidental trauma to the female perineum is relatively rare and occurs most often in the 4- to 12-year-old age group. Vulva and vaginal trauma are the result of straddle injuries, accidental penetration, intercourse, sexual abuse and motor vehicle accidents. Injuries to the genitalia require typical surgical repair and, in association with anogenital or(More)
GerOSS (German Obstetric Surveillance System) is primarily composed as a system to improve treatment of extremely severe and very rare complications of pregnancy and delivery (e.g. eclampsia, HELLP syndrome (Haemolysis Elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count) or uterine rupture) typically culminating in a chaotic, uncontrollable sequence of events [1, 2](More)
The stellarator system offers a distinct alternative to the mainline approaches to magnetic fusion power and has several potentially major advantages. Since the first proposal of the stellarator concept many reactor studies have been published and these studies reflect the large variety of stellarator configurations. The main representatives are the(More)
Although caesarean section of a second twin after vaginal birth of the first twin is rare, it nevertheless has clinical importance as an acute emergency situation with high perinatal morbidity and mortality. We therefore found it appropriate to describe the obstetric management of such cases, including an overview of the literature and our own data.(More)
The current Helias reactor is an extrapolation of the W7-X configuration to reactor dimensions. This paper summarizes the computational results of various activities to improve the concept of the advanced stellarator reactor: Forces and stress analysis of the coil system, self-consistent computation of plasma equilibria, a concept of divertor action on the(More)
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