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Experimental investigations of transactinoide elements provide benchmark results for chemical theory and probe the predictive power of trends in the periodic table. So far, in gas-phase chemical reactions, simple inorganic compounds with the transactinoide in its highest oxidation state have been synthesized. Single-atom production rates, short half-lives,(More)
Since 1990, when Cave A was put into operation, it was used by the GSI Biophysics group as well as many external groups for a large number of irradiation experiments. Cave A is still equipped with the prototype of a rasterscan system which was thoroughly tested and optimized, resulting in a highly reliable irradiation system [1]. These developments and(More)
We consider consistent nite diierence approximations of ordinary diierential equations , and in particular, parasitic solutions. A framework is introduced, representing a discrete solution as a sum of the true solution and a number of parasitic solutions. We s h o w that within this framework, nite diierence equations can be analysed using theory of(More)
Construction at the PHELIX laser project [1] continued during the year 2002. The major milestones reached this year are full operation of the amplifier cleaning procedures, testing of all high voltage components on hand and firing of amplifier heads fully equipped with flash lamps, compression of laser pulses form the short pulse front end, arrival of laser(More)
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