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Topographic Mapping in Mountainous Areas Using StereoSAR Assisted by External DEM
Matching between stereo SAR image pairs is crucial for Radargrammetry to extract height information,and the matching accuracy will directly influence the accuracy of resultant DEM.The homologousExpand
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Technology for extracting total alkaloids from Herba agrimoniae.
[Objective]The optimum extraction technology was developed in order to establish practical basis for the development and utilization of Herba agrimoniae.[Method]The total alkaloids from HerbaExpand
Translation·Imagination·History——The Imagination and Construction of Translation to the image of China
The modern China was represented by the late-Qing and " Wusi",social changing in nature chimes in with the changing in nature of the literature system.The fact of the national crisis and theExpand
The Introduction of "Freedom Discourse"—— The Construction of Translation to the Image of China and the Impact on Chinese Modernity
The translator recreates the original-text and forms dynamic interactions with the original-text and readers of target text by the virtue of the translation practice.To some degree,it embodies theExpand