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BACKGROUND Interferon beta reduces activity in multiple sclerosis as measured clinically and by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We assessed the effect of interferon beta-1a on the occurrence of relapses in patients after first presentation with neurological events, who are at high risk of conversion to clinically definite multiple sclerosis. METHODS(More)
Success rates and complications were studied in 178 patients scheduled for brachial block. METHODS. Patients of both sexes aged 9 to 79 years received axillary blocks in order to permit typical surgical procedures of the hand an forearm. The block was performed using the transarterial method described be Dejong. Half of the local anesthetic was administered(More)
Propofol (Disoprivan) is a rapid and effective hypnotic comparable with etomidate. Up to now, the effects on intracranial pressure (ICP) have only rarely been investigated, especially in cases with pre-existing increased ICP [4, 18]. The aim of this study was the evaluation of ICP after i.v. propofol administration in comparison with thiopental. Method.(More)
In a prospective study the influence on awakening after halothane anaesthesia of physostigmine was investigated. Of a total of 62 patients 29 received physostigmine 2 mg i.v. prior to extubation, 33 were left without. The degree of awareness in the patients was determined by Erzigkeit's "Syndrom-Kurz-Test" (Quick Syndrome Test) (SKT). On preoperative(More)
SUMMARY Attenuation of exercise-induced increases in heart rate and cardiac output by chronic f3-adrenergic blockade has been thought to conmpromise benefit of exercise training in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). To assess this important issue, 35 CAD patients were evaluated by a 3-month walkjog-cycle training program: 14 patients received no(More)
The introduction of the dialogue programme has the advantage that the data are immediately available at any time. From a yearly admission of 400 patients exact information cn be obtained of the work load and the type of work done at the unit. The value of the system can be summarized as follows: 1) data processing and retrieval are easy and do not require(More)
The clinical course of arteriosclerosis was evaluated in 9 patients with coronary sclerosis and in 25 with peripheral arterial occlusive disease by means of repeat angiographies following primary angiography after 22.5 and 36.6 months, respectively. During the period of observation arteriosclerosis had progressed in all cases except in two patients with(More)