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The molecular architecture of human complement component C7 was elucidated at several structural levels. The complete primary structure of C7 was derived from the cDNA sequence of clones isolated from a human liver library. C7 is a mosaic protein that consists of 821 amino acids. The amino-terminal two-thirds of C7 has 23-30% homology with complement(More)
Various preparations of gamma-globulin homogeneous in the ultracentrifuge showed a similar content of hexose, hexosamine, fucose, and sialic acid. Subfractionation of Fr. II gamma-globulin by zone electrophoresis revealed multiple components of different mean mobilities but containing similar amounts of carbohydrate. Gamma globulin isolated directly from(More)
The ability of sera from patients with rheumatoid arthritis to potentiate the agglutination of sensitized particulate bodies has been recognized since Cecil, Nicholls, and Stainsby (1931) noted the agglutination of certain strains of streptococci by these sera. More recently this property has been employed as the basis of a number of clinical tests for the(More)