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In this paper, a diagnosis system using unknown input observers in order to detect, isolate and estimate faulty control surface positions for a small UAV, is presented. As this aircraft is equipped with redundant actuators, flap and aileron positions are not input observable and an active diagnosis process has to be implemented.
This paper proposes an innovative fault-diagnosis system for a turbocharged diesel engine with variable-geometry turbocharger control. Numerous and diversified actuator and/or sensors faults are identified and analyzed such as air-leakage in the admission collector, compressor malfunctioning, intake- valves fault, intercooler fault, deterioration in the(More)
In this paper, we design and implement under Matlab/Simulink some efficient digital chaotic generators for data encryption/decryption process. Some of these generators (logistic, PWLCM, Frey) are known, the others xcos(x), xexp[cos(x)], 2-D Tmap) are proposed. A number of designed generators contain cascaded layer to improve the statistical properties of(More)
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