HA Lester

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Kinetic measurements are employed to reconstruct the steady-state activation of acetylcholine [Ach] receptor channels in electrophorus electroplaques. Neurally evoked postsynaptic currents (PSCs) decay exponentially; at 15 degrees C the rate constant, alpha, equals 1.2 ms(-1) at 0 mV and decreases e-fold for every 86 mV as the membrane voltage is made more(More)
After disulphide bonds are reduced with dithiothreitol, trans-3- (alpha-bromomethyl)-3'-[alpha- (trimethylammonium)methyl]azobenzene (trans-QBr) alkylates a sulfhydryl group on receptors. The membrane conductance induced by this "tethered agonist" shares many properties with that induced by reversible agonists. Equilibrium conductance increases as the(More)
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