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In-situ Formation of a Copper Silicide Cap For TDDB and Electromigration Improvement
Self-aligned barrier processes are being investigated as an alternative to standard dielectric barrier processes for the 65 nm technology nodes and beyond. Variations in the dielectric barrierExpand
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Photocatalytic activity and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of TiO2 thermally treated by hydrogen
Tio2 treated in hydrogen atmosphere showed enhanced photocatalytic activity in degrading the sulfosalicylic acid (ssal),the results of the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (eis) investigationExpand
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Investigation of Z-shaped Photoluminescence of Exciton in ZnO Single-crystal Microtubes
The photoluminescence properties of ZnO single-crystal microtubes grown on Si substrate by hydrothermal method were investigated. An anomalous Z-shaped red-shift was found in the photoluminescenceExpand