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Determinants of initiation and maintenance of physical activity among older adults: a literature review
Abstract Understanding the determinants of changing physical activity among older adults is crucial for effective intervention development. The aim of this study was to review and update the evidenceExpand
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The European Smoking Prevention Framework Approach (EFSA): an example of integral prevention.
A smoking prevention project in six European countries (European Smoking prevention Framework Approach) was developed, featuring activities for adolescents, schools and parents, includingExpand
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The impact of a computer-tailored nutrition intervention.
BACKGROUND Nutrition education tailored to individual characteristics of people might be more effective than general nutrition education. Nowadays, the use of computers makes individualized feedbackExpand
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Parental factors and adolescents' smoking behavior: an extension of The theory of planned behavior.
BACKGROUND The aim of the present study is to investigate whether general parenting factors (i.e., quality parent-child relationship, psychological control, strict control, parental knowledge) andExpand
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Teachers' reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect: behaviour and determinants.
By reporting suspected child abuse and neglect, teachers can make an important contribution to the early detection and prevention of abuse. However, teachers are sometimes reluctant to report theirExpand
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The impact of educational and environmental interventions in Dutch worksite cafeterias.
Environmental interventions such as labeling and an increased availability of healthy foods may help consumers to meet guidelines for a healthy diet. This article describes a study into theExpand
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Tailored interventions to communicate stage-matched information to smokers in different motivational stages.
Smokers in stages of low readiness to quit (immotives and precontemplators) and smokers in stages of high readiness to quit (contemplators and preparers) were randomly allocated to 1 of 4 tailoredExpand
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A Systematic Review of the Impact of Genetic Counseling on Risk Perception Accuracy
This review presents an overview of the impact of genetic counseling on risk perception accuracy in papers published between January 2000 and February 2007. The results suggest that geneticExpand
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Feasibility of implementation of a Dutch smoking cessation and relapse prevention protocol for pregnant women.
A cross-sectional design was used to asses whether Dutch midwives trained to use a smoking cessation counseling protocol appreciated it and could implement it in routine care. Midwives received aExpand
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Computer-tailored interventions motivating people to adopt health promoting behaviours: introduction to a new approach.
This issue of Patient Education and Counseling discusses the development, application and effectiveness of computer-tailored interventions. Computer-tailored interventions are a relatively new healthExpand
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