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Determinants of initiation and maintenance of physical activity among older adults: a literature review
Abstract Understanding the determinants of changing physical activity among older adults is crucial for effective intervention development. The aim of this study was to review and update the evidenceExpand
The European Smoking Prevention Framework Approach (EFSA): an example of integral prevention.
A smoking prevention project in six European countries (European Smoking prevention Framework Approach) was developed, featuring activities for adolescents, schools and parents, including out-of-school activities, which revealed that the project's ambitions were high, but were limited by various constraints including time and delays in receiving funds. Expand
The impact of a computer-tailored nutrition intervention.
It is concluded that computer-tailored nutrition information is a promising means of stimulating people to change their diet toward dietary recommendations. Expand
Teachers' reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect: behaviour and determinants.
While only a small proportion of the variance in detection and reporting status was explained, the results illustrate the utility of health promotion theory and methods for improving the understanding of these behaviours. Expand
Parental factors and adolescents' smoking behavior: an extension of The theory of planned behavior.
The findings showed that the quality of the parent-child relationship and parental knowledge affected adolescents' smoking behavior indirectly, while parental smoking behavior had a direct effect. Expand
The Effectiveness of Tailored Feedback and Action Plans in an Intervention Addressing Multiple Health Behaviors
Tailored lifestyle information can be effective for adults in changing nutrition behavior and physical activity and for physical activity as well as for smoking and action-planning feedback. Expand
The impact of educational and environmental interventions in Dutch worksite cafeterias.
The data showed a beneficial and significant treatment effect of the labeling program on total fat intake for respondents who believed they ate a high-fat diet and a significant effect on desserts, but not for the other products. Expand
A Systematic Review of the Impact of Genetic Counseling on Risk Perception Accuracy
The results suggest that genetic counseling may have a positive impact on risk perception accuracy, though some studies observed no impact at all, or only for low-risk participants, and the effect of genetic counseling should be examined for a wider variety of hereditary conditions. Expand
Investigating Predictors of Visiting, Using, and Revisiting an Online Health-Communication Program: A Longitudinal Study
The results suggest that online interventions could specifically target men, young people, immigrant groups, people with a low education, andPeople with a weak health motivation to increase exposure to these interventions. Expand
Parents' and friends' smoking status as predictors of smoking onset: findings from six European countries.
Parental smoking behavior was found to be as predictive of smoking onset after 1 year as friends' smoking status, and the beta coefficients of the smoking status of the best friend and friends in general were comparable to that of parental smoking. Expand