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Valence-quark distribution functions in the kaon and pion
We describe expressions for pion and kaon dressed-quark distribution functions that incorporate contributions from gluons which bind quarks into these mesons and hence overcome a flaw of the commonlyExpand
Completing the Picture of the Roper Resonance.
We employ a continuum approach to the three valence-quark bound-state problem in relativistic quantum field theory to predict a range of properties of the proton's radial excitation and thereby unifyExpand
CEPC Conceptual Design Report: Volume 2 - Physics & Detector
The Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) is a large international scientific facility proposed by the Chinese particle physics community to explore the Higgs boson and provide critical tests ofExpand
Geometric effects resulting from square and circular confinements for a particle constrained to a space curve
Investigating the geometric effects resulting from the detailed behaviors of the confining potential, we consider square and circular confinements to constrain a particle to a space curve. We find aExpand
Low-energy Spectra of Gamma-ray Bursts from Cooling Electrons
The low-energy spectra of gamma-ray bursts' (GRBs) prompt emission are closely related to the energy distribution of electrons, which is further regulated by their cooling processes. We develop aExpand
Constraints on ultracompact minihalos from extragalactic γ-ray background
It has been proposed that ultracompact minihalos (UCMHs) might be formed in earlier epoch. If dark matter consists of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs), UCMHs can be treated as the γ-rayExpand
Effect of the induced interaction on the superfluid-transition temperature of ultracold Fermi gases within the T-matrix approximation
In this paper, taking into account the effect of the induced interaction, we calculate the superfluid-transition temperature of ultracold Fermi gases within the framework of the non-self-consistentExpand
Constraints on the hybrid equation of state with a crossover hadron-quark phase transition in the light of GW170817
In this paper, we use the recent updated source properties of GW170817 to constrain the hybrid equation of state (EOS) constructed by a three-window modeling between the hadronic EOS and quark EOS.Expand
Neutrino signals from ultracompact minihalos and constraints on the primordial curvature perturbation
Compared with that of standard dark matter halos, the density profile of the recently proposed new kind of dark matter structure named ultracompact minihalos (UCMHs) is steeper and its formation timeExpand
New constraints on primordial minihalo abundance using cosmic microwave background observations
It was proposed that the massive compact halo objects (MCHOs) would be produced during an earlier epoch of cosmology if the density perturbations are betweenExpand