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A new empirical nonlinear model for HEMT and MESFET devices
A large-signal model for HEMTs and MESFETs, capable of modeling the current-voltage characteristic and its derivatives, including the characteristic transconductance peak, gate-source and gate-drainExpand
Science and technology roadmap for graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems.
We present the science and technology roadmap for graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems, targeting an evolution in technology, that might lead to impacts and benefitsExpand
A comprehensive analysis of IMD behavior in RF CMOS power amplifiers
This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of nonlinear intermodulation distortion (IMD) behavior in RF CMOS power amplifiers (PAs). Expand
Prediction of IMD in LDMOS transistor amplifiers using a new large-signal model
In this paper, the intermodulation distortion (IMD) behavior of LDMOS transistors is treated. First, an analysis is performed to explain measured IMD characteristics in different classes ofExpand
Design of Varactor-Based Tunable Matching Networks for Dynamic Load Modulation of High Power Amplifiers
In this paper, the design of varactor-based tunable matching networks for dynamic load modulation of high power amplifiers (PAs) is presented. Design guidelines to overcome the common breakdown, andExpand
An empirical-table based FET model
A new large signal field effect transistor (FET) model combining empirical and table based models was developed and investigated experimentally. The Chalmers empirical model was used as a splineExpand
The Odin satellite - I. Radiometer design and test
The Sub-millimetre and Millimetre Radiometer (SMR) is the main instrument on the Swedish, Canadian, Finnish and French spacecraft Odin. It consists of a 1.1 metre diameter telescope with fourExpand
Accurate small-signal modeling of HFET's for millimeter-wave applications
In this paper we discuss the small-signal modeling of HFET's at millimeter-wave frequencies. A new and iterative method is used to extract the parasitic components. This method allows calculation ofExpand
I/Q Imbalance Compensation Using a Nonlinear Modeling Approach
In-phase/quadrature (I/Q) imbalance is one of the main sources of distortion in RF modulators. In this paper, a dual-input nonlinear model based on a real-valued Volterra series is proposed forExpand
Design of a Highly Efficient 2–4-GHz Octave Bandwidth GaN-HEMT Power Amplifier
In this paper, the design, implementation, and experimental results of a high-efficiency wideband GaN-HEMT power amplifier are presented. A method based on source-pull/load-pull simulation has beenExpand