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Annotated list of marine alien species in the Mediterranean with records of the worst invasive species
Emphasis is put on those species that are current or potential threats to the marine ecosystems, namely the Worst Invasive Alien Species providing their record across major groups.
Oculina patagonica: a non-lessepsian scleractinian coral invading the Mediterranean Sea
It is expected that there will be further expansion of O. patagonica in range and abundance in the western Mediterranean, but very small expansion of the population in the eastern Mediterranean, due to repetitive annual bleaching events.
Deep coral growth in the Mediterranean Sea: an overview
The Mediterranean basin represents an excellent biological archive of past and modern deep coral growth whose study may help to understand taxonomic, biogeographic, ecological, and evolutionary
High xenodiversity versus low native diversity in the south-eastern Mediterranean: bryozoans from the coastal zone of Lebanon
The Lebanese coastal zone is an area that is exceptionally well-suited for investigating the effects of these extreme conditions on Mediterranean biodiversity, and is expected to increase in the near future with the intensification of surface water warming and boost of shipping activity and propagule flux generated by the expansion of the Suez Canal.
The present-day Mediterranean brachiopod fauna: diversity, life habits, biogeography and paleobiogeography
A previous dearth of material from the eastern Mediterranean has now been at least partially remedied by new records from the coasts of Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, and, in particular, Lebanon and the southern Aegean Sea.
Five new sponge species (Porifera: Demospongiae) of subtropical or tropical affinities from the coast of Lebanon (eastern Mediterranean)
Five new species of sponges are described from the coast of Lebanon in the eastern Mediterranean, Levantine Basin. Euryspongia raouchensis (Dysideidae), Liosina blastifera (Dictyonellidae) and
Review of some little known genera of Serpulidae (Annelida: Polychaeta)
The present work aims at revising as far as possible several genera of serpulids which are little known or monospecific and which are mainly represented by Atlantic forms living in Arctic and Boreal regions or at great depths in lower latitudes.