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Axial crushing of circular multi-cell columns
Abstract Multi-cell columns are highly efficient energy absorbing components under axial compression. However, the experimental investigations and theoretical analyses for the deformation modes andExpand
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Numerical and theoretical studies on energy absorption of three-panel angle elements
Abstract Honeycomb cellular structures and multi-cell prismatic columns are highly efficient and effective energy dissipating components and are widely used in the crashworthiness design of vehicles.Expand
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Some problems on the axial crushing of multi-cells
Abstract Multi-cell structures are highly efficient energy absorber under axial crushing. The present work aimed to resolve some problems concerned with energy absorption of a type of quadrupleExpand
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Experimental and numerical studies on the crush resistance of aluminum honeycombs with various cell configurations
Abstract Commercial aluminum honeycombs with various cell configurations are experimentally tested to study the influence of cell number and central angle on the out-of-plane crush resistance of theExpand
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Modeling of Heat Transfer and Kinetics of Physical Vapor Transport Growth of Silicon Carbide Crystals
Wide-bandgap silicon carbide (SiC) substrates are needed for fabrication of electronic and optoelectronic devices and circuits that can function under high-temperature, high-power, high-frequencyExpand
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Energy absorption limit of plates in thin-walled structures under compression
Abstract The present work is aimed at finding the maximum energy absorption efficiency of plates in thin-walled structures under compression. In thin-walled structures, the plates are connected withExpand
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Axial crushing of tapered circular tubes with graded thickness
Abstract This paper aims to investigate the energy absorption characteristics of tapered circular tubes with graded thickness (TCTGT) under axial loading. TCTGT specimens were fabricated by a tubeExpand
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Giant circular dichroism of a molecule in a region of strong plasmon resonances between two neighboring gold nanocrystals
We report on giant circular dichroism (CD) of a molecule inserted into a plasmonic hot spot. Naturally occurring molecules and biomolecules have typically CD signals in the UV range, whereasExpand
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Field distributions within a rectangular cavity with vehicle-like features
A simple model vehicle cabin was constructed to investigate 3D field distributions generated by an on-board transmitter within a large metal cavity. Simulations were found to be in good agreementExpand
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Effects of Velocity Profiles on Measuring Accuracy of Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Ultrasonic wave carries the information for flowing velocity when it is propagating in flowing fluids. Flowrate can be obtained by measuring the propagation time of ultrasonic wave. The principle ofExpand
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