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Allelopathic effects of Ulva lactuca on selected species of harmful bloom-forming microalgae in laboratory cultures
Abstract Allelopathic effects of the green macroalgae Ulva lactuca on the growth of three species of red tide microalgae, Heterosigma akashiwo, Alexandrium tamarense, and Skeletonema costatum wereExpand
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Allelopathic interactions between the macroalga Ulva pertusa and eight microalgal species
Growth of Ulva pertusa and eight microalgal species, Heterosigma akashiwo, Skeletonema costatum, Tetraselmis subcordiformis, Nitzschia closterium, Chaetoceros gracile, Chroomonas placoidea 1967,Expand
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Ionic liquids with amino acids as cations: novel chiral ligands in chiral ligand-exchange capillary electrophoresis.
Ionic liquids (ILs) with L-proline (L-Pro) as cations have been developed for the novel chiral ligands coordinated with Cu(II) in chiral ligand exchange capillary electrophoresis (CLE-CE). Four kindsExpand
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High-performance affinity monolith chromatography for chiral separation and determination of enzyme kinetic constants.
A new kind of immobilized human serum albumin (HSA) column was developed by using the sub-micron skeletal polymer monolith based on poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-ethylene glycol dimethacrylate)Expand
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Synthesis and characterization of pentaerythritol diacrylate
Acrylate chemical grouting materials are widely applied in seepage proof curtain and crevice repair in concrete work because of its advantages such as low viscosity, good fluidity, and excellentExpand
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Chiral separation using capillary electromigration techniques based on ligand exchange principle.
Over the last couple of decades, researchers have developed diverse chiral separation methods emerged from a few chiral separation principles. This review article is primarily focused on theExpand
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Determination of sodium benzoate by chiral ligand exchange CE based on its inhibitory activity in D-amino acid oxidase mediated oxidation of D-serine.
A novel quantitative approach for the determination of sodium benzoate (SB) was proposed by the kinetic study about its competitive inhibitory efficiency to D-amino acid oxidase (DAAO) activity withExpand
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A chiral ligand exchange CE essay with zinc(II)-L-valine complex for determining enzyme kinetic constant of L-amino acid oxidase.
A new strategy for the enantioseparation of D,L-amino acids employing the principle of ligand exchange capillary electrophoresis with Zn(II)-L-valine complex as a chiral selecting system in theExpand
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Influence of ionic liquids as electrolyte additives on chiral separation of dansylated amino acids by using Zn(II) complex mediated chiral ligand exchange CE.
In this work, investigation of the comparative influence of diverse ionic liquids (ILs) as electrolyte additives on the chiral separation of dansylated amino acids by using Zn(II)-L-arginine complexExpand
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A novel chiral ligand exchange capillary electrophoresis system with amino acid ionic liquid as ligand and its application in screening D-amino-acid oxidase inhibitors.
A novel amino acid ionic liquid (AAIL) with L-ornithine (L-Orn) as anion was successfully synthesized, and subsequently applied as an available chiral ligand coordinated with Zn(II) in a chiralExpand
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