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Convective heat transfer coefficients and clothing insulations for parts of the clothed human body under airflow conditions
Convective heat transfer coefficients for each part of the clothed human body were evaluated under airflow conditions and compared to those of nude body. This was done by measuring clothing surfaceExpand
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N2O concentration and flux measurements and complete isotopic analysis by FTIR spectroscopy
Abstract We report the development and application of analytical techniques for atmospheric N2O based on Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Using mobile low resolution (1 cm−1) FTIRExpand
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Hydrodynamics in downflow fluidized beds (1): solids concentration profiles and pressure gradient distributions
Abstract In a 9.3 m high and 0.10 m i.d. gas–solids downflow fluidized bed (downer), the radial distributions of the local solids holdups and the pressure gradients along the downer column wereExpand
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The characteristics of current density distribution during corona charging processes of different particulates
With a negative point-to-plane geometry and two (coarse and fine) particulate systems, the current densities during corona charging of particulates were investigated. Results disclosed that, due toExpand
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Understanding the Lithium Storage Mechanism of Ti3C2Tx MXene
MXenes, as an emerging family of conductive two-dimensional materials, hold promise for late-model electrode materials in Li-ion batteries. A primary challenge hindering the development of MXenes asExpand
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Influences of different powders on the characteristics of particle charging and deposition in powder coating processes
This experimental study investigated the influences of two different powder systems (coarse and ultrafine) on particle charging and deposition characteristics during electrostatic powder coatingExpand
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The impact of humidity standards on energy efficient cooling in california
THE IMPACT OF HUMIDITY STANDARDS ON ENERGY EFFICIENT COOLING IN CALIFORNIA Final Report CIEE Exploratory Research Project Period of Performance: 23 August 1993 -31 October 1995 Submitted toExpand
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Gas‐solids flow behavior: CFB riser vs. downer
Comparisons are made in a circulating fluidized-bed riser/downer system between a 15.1 m high, 0.10 m ID riser and a 9.3 m high, 0.10 m ID downer, based on the measurements of the radialExpand
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Analysis of the Microscopic Flow Structure of a CFB Downer Reactor Using Solids Concentration Signals
The microflow structure in a downer reactor was studied by measuring the solids concentration fluctuations at various elevations and radial positions, using an optical fiber probe, at a sampling rateExpand
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The first release of the AST3-1 Point Source Catalogue from Dome A, Antarctica
he three Antarctic Survey Telescopes (AST3) aim to carry out time-domain imaging survey at Dome A, Antarctica. The first of the three telescopes (AST3-1) was successfully deployed in 2012 January.Expand
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