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A two-dimensional ecological model of Lake Erie: Application to estimate dreissenid impacts on large lake plankton populations
We constructed a complex ecological model of Lake Erie, EcoLE, based on a two-dimensional hydrodynamic and water quality model (CE-QUAL-W2). We used data from 1997 to calibrate the model, and dataExpand
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Using GIS spatial analysis and logistic regression to predict the probabilities of human-caused grassland fires.
Abstract This study created a method to examine the probability of human-caused ignition in grassland in the east of Inner Mongolia, China. Spatial analysis was used to locate the human-causedExpand
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Comparison of fractional vegetation cover estimations using dimidiate pixel models and look-up table inversions of the PROSAIL model from Landsat 8 OLI data
Abstract. Fractional vegetation cover (FVC) is an important variable for describing the quality and changes of vegetation in terrestrial ecosystems. Dimidiate pixel models and physical models areExpand
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Theoretical and experimental investigation of detachment of colloids from rough collector surfaces
Abstract This study systematically examined coupled influence of particle size and surface roughness on colloid detachment during transients in solution chemistry. A modified Derjaguin approach wasExpand
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Nonlinear numerical simulation method for galloping of iced conductor
Based on the principle of virtual work, an updated Lagrangian finite element formulation for the geometrical large deformation analysis of galloping of the iced conductor in an overhead transmission line. Expand
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Existence and attractivity of a periodic solution for an N-species Gilpin–Ayala impulsive competition system
Abstract In this paper, by using a comparison theorem, the method of coincidence degree and by constructing a suitable Lyapunov functional, we study the persistence, existence and attractivity of aExpand
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A planet within the debris disk around the pre-main sequence star AU Mic
AU Microscopii (AU Mic) is the second closest pre-main-sequence star, at a distance of 9.79 parsecs and with an age of 22 million years 1 . AU Mic possesses a relatively rare 2 and spatially resolvedExpand
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Centrality dependence of inclusive J / ψ production in p – Pb collisions at √ s NN = 5 . 02 TeV
We present a measurement of inclusive J /ψ production in p–Pb collisions at sNN = 5.02 TeV as a function of the centrality of the collision, as estimated fr om the energy deposited in the Zero DegreeExpand
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Numerical simulation of bubble behaviors in subcooled flow boiling under swing motion
Abstract A numerical investigation of bubble behaviors in subcooled flow boiling of water under the effect of additional inertial forces has been performed considering energy and mass transfer duringExpand
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Fracture behaviour of central-flawed rock plate under uniaxial compression
Abstract Fault fracture zone is a common engineering geological condition in mountain tunnel excavation, which often brings great difficulties to engineering construction. Thus, uniaxial compressionExpand
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