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Antimalarial compounds from Rhaphidophora decursiva.
Bioassay-directed fractionation led to the isolation of 14 compounds, six of which possess antimalarial activity, from the dried leaves and stems of Rhaphidophora decursiva. Polysyphorin (1) andExpand
Rearranged taxanes from the bark of Taxus yunnanensis.
Five new 11(15-->1)-abeo-taxane diterpenoids, taxuyunnanines K-O (1-5), were isolated from an ethanol extract of the bark of Taxus yunnanensis, and their structures were determined using MS and NMRExpand
Taxane diterpenoids from the bark of Taxus yunnanensis.
Further investigation on the alcohol extract of the barks of Taxus yunnanensis led to the isolation of four taxoids, namely, 7beta-xylosyl-taxol D, taxuyunnanines P, Q and R, along with the knownExpand