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Quantifying natural source mercury emissions from the Ivanhoe Mining District, north-central Nevada, USA
Abstract In order to assess the importance of mercury emissions from naturally enriched sources relative to anthropogenic point sources, data must be collected that characterizes mercury emissionsExpand
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Growing wastewater-born microalga Auxenochlorella protothecoides UMN280 on concentrated municipal wastewater for simultaneous nutrient removal and energy feedstock production
Using wastewater to grow algae is probably the most promising route to reduce production costs associated with nutrients and water. In this study, a newly isolated facultative heterotrophicExpand
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An ecosystem service valuation of land use change in Taiyuan City, China
Abstract Urban sprawl and a policy of converting farmland to woodland and grassland in the fragile ecological environments of the Loess Plateau of China can cause complex land use changes thatExpand
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Fuzzy-multi-objective particle swarm optimization for time―cost―quality tradeoff in construction
Abstract The time–cost–quality tradeoff (TCQT) problem is to decide an optimal combination of construction methods with the objective of minimizing cost and time while maximizing quality. SearchingExpand
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Remote estimation of chlorophyll a in optically complex waters based on optical classification
Abstract Accurate assessment of phytoplankton chlorophyll a (Chla) concentration in turbid waters by means of remote sensing is challenging due to optically complexity and significant variability ofExpand
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Determination and source identification of priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in PM2.5 in Taiyuan, China
Abstract Sixteen polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) present in PM 2. 5 were analyzed in 2012 in Taiyuan (China) using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescence andExpand
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Modeling the Hurricane Evacuation Response Curve
The objective of this study is to develop a hurricane evacuation response curve that is sensitive to the characteristics of the hurricane, the time of day, and the type and timing of evacuationExpand
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Evaluation on the human settlements environment suitability in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of Chongqing based on RS and GIS
To explore geographical differences in quantitative characteristics and spatial pattern of human settlements environmental suitability (HSES) in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (TGRA), terrain,Expand
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A comprehensive risk evaluation method for natural gas pipelines by combining a risk matrix with a bow-tie model
Abstract Leakage from natural gas pipelines causes severe economic loss and significantly affects social security considering the gas' combustibility and the difficulties in detecting leakage. ThisExpand
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Accumulation and risk of heavy metals in relation to agricultural intensification in the river sediments of agricultural regions
The enrichment characteristics and risk of heavy metals were studied in the sediments of Liucha River in Chao Lake Valley, where agricultural intensification has developed rapidly since the 1980s.Expand
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