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Aligned two- and three-dimensional structures by directional freezing of polymers and nanoparticles
The preparation of materials with aligned porosity in the micrometre range is of technological importance for a wide range of applications in organic electronics, microfluidics, molecular filtrationExpand
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Controlled freezing and freeze drying: a versatile route for porous and micro‐/nano‐structured materials
Freeze drying is a process whereby solutions are frozen in a cold bath and then the frozen solvents are removed via sublimation under vacuum, leading to formation of porous structures. Pore size,Expand
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Experimental observation of left-handed behavior in an array of standard dielectric resonators.
We demonstrate that by utilizing displacement currents in simple dielectric resonators instead of conduction currents in metallic split-ring resonators and by additionally exciting the proper modes,Expand
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Core-shell particles: preparation, fundamentals and applications in high performance liquid chromatography.
The challenges in HPLC are fast and efficient separation for a wide range of samples. Fast separation often results in very high operating pressure, which places a huge burden on HPLCExpand
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The self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells is regulated by cell–substratum adhesion and cell spreading☆
Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) undergo self-renewal in the presence of the cytokine, leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF). Following LIF withdrawal, mESCs differentiate, and this is accompanied byExpand
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Synthesis and applications of emulsion-templated porous materials.
This review describes the use of macroemulsions as templates for the production of porous materials. We focus on the use of high internal phase emulsions in order to produce interconnected openExpand
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Aligned porous structures by directional freezing
Materials with aligned porous structures have broad potential in applications such as organic electronics, microfluidics, and tissue engineering. Materials of this type can be fabricated usingExpand
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Formation and enhanced biocidal activity of water-dispersable organic nanoparticles.
Water-insoluble organic compounds are often used in aqueous environments in various pharmaceutical and consumer products. To overcome insolubility, the particles are dispersed in a medium duringExpand
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Critical Parameters of Hexane + Carbon Monoxide + Hydrogen and Hexane + Methanol + Carbon Monoxide + Hydrogen Mixtures in the Hexane-Rich Region
The critical parameters of hexane + carbon monoxide + hydrogen and hexane + methanol + carbon monoxide + hydrogen mixtures have been determined in the n-hexane-rich region. The critical temperatureExpand
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One-pot synthesis of spheres-on-sphere silica particles from a single precursor for fast HPLC with low back pressure.
Spheres-on-sphere (SOS) silica particles are prepared in a one-pot scalable synthesis from mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane with hydrophilic polymer and cationic surfactant under alkaline conditions.Expand
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