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Gene disruption of p27(Kip1) allows cell proliferation in the postnatal and adult organ of corti.
It is reported that the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27(Kip1) is selectively expressed in the supporting-cell population of the organ of Corti, and may provide an important pathway for inducing hair-cell regeneration in the mammalian hearing organ. Expand
Identification of a titratable lysine residue that determines sensitivity of kidney potassium channels (ROMK) to intracellular pH.
It is reported here that the steep pH dependence of ROMK channels is determined by a single amino acid residue located in the N‐terminus close to the first hydrophobic segment M1. Expand
Desensitization of the P2X2 receptor controlled by alternative splicing
It is suggested that the use of nanofiltration membranes for the recovery of phosphorous with a second type of technology is to be considered as a viable process for recovery of nitrogen in the short term. Expand
Resonant tectorial membrane motion in the inner ear: its crucial role in frequency tuning.
In combination with the contractile force of outer hair cells, it is proposed that inertial motion of the tectorial membrane provides the necessary conditions to allow positive feedback of mechanical energy into the cochlear partition, thereby amplifying and tuning the co chlear response. Expand
Strong voltage-dependent inward rectification of inward rectifier K+ channels is caused by intracellular spermine
It is shown that strong voltage dependence of rectification found under physiological conditions is predominantly due to the effect of intracellular spermine. Expand
Motile responses in outer hair cells
  • H. Zenner
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Hearing Research
  • 31 December 1986
By depolarization of the cell membrane in the presence of 25-125 mM K+/Cl- a sustained contraction of OHC was induced and the cytoplasm of individual OHCs exhibited a filamentous network, correlating with a new infracuticular anti-actin binding capacity. Expand
A structural determinant of differential sensitivity of cloned inward rectifier K+ channels to intracellular spermine
It is shown, by site‐directed mutagenesis, that the four orders of magnitude larger SPM sensitivity of BIR10 channels compared to ROMK1 channels may be explained by a difference in a single amino acid in the putative transmembrane segment TMII. Expand
Thyroid hormone is a critical determinant for the regulation of the cochlear motor protein prestin
The data suggest TH as a first transcriptional regulator of the motor protein prestin and as a direct or indirect modulator of subcellular prestin distribution. Expand
Mutation A1555G in the 12S rRNA gene and its epidemiological importance in German, Hungarian, and Polish patients
Patients with nonsyndromic hearing impairment should be routinely screened for this mutation to avoid aminoglycoside induced hearing impairment due to increased sensitivity of maternal relatives. Expand
Sodium current expression during postnatal development of rat outer hair cells
The results show that, unlike adult outer hair cells, immature outerhair cells regularly express voltage-gated sodium channels, however, due to mismatching of the sodium current inactivation range and membrane potential in vitro, a physiological function appears questionable. Expand