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Biotin labeling as an alternative nonradioactive approach to determination of red cell survival
Biotin labeling of red cells was studied using different approaches to see if biotinylation is a useful label for determination of erythrocyte survival, and all the three different approaches give similar results.
Purification and characterization of animal porphobilinogen synthases. I. Bovine liver porphobilinogen synthase.
Porphobilinogen synthase was purified from ox liver by ammonium sulfate fractionation, heat denaturation and column chromatography, and was identified by means of chromatographic comparison with 1-formyl-2-dansyl-hydrazine and 1-acetyl- 2-dANSylhydrazines, whose syntheses and UV spectra are described.
Direct in vivo biotinylation of erythrocytes as an assay for red cell survival studies
In mice, in vivo biotin labeling avoids damaging red cells by in vitro procedures and does not influence the steady state of erythropoiesis by hypertransfusion, which makes it a very useful method for determining red cell survival time in small animals.
  • H. Zeitler
  • Chemistry
    Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift fur physiologische…
  • 1965
Evaluation of pteridines in patients with different tumors.
Plasma and blood cells from various tumor patients were analyzed to obtain information on the role of pteridine pattern and the pathological alterations of cells and on the relevance of some pteridines levels for diagnosis of cancer and other diseases.
The microbiological metabolism of colchicine.