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Poachers Alter Mammal Abundance, Seed Dispersal, and Seed Predation in a Neotropical Forest
The hypothesis that poachers reduce the abundance of herbivorous mammals, and that this, in turn, alters seed dispersal, seed predation, and seedling recruitment for two palms in central Panama is evaluated.
Molecular diversity among domestic guinea-pigs (Cavia porcellus) and their close phylogenetic relationship with the Andean wild species Cavia tschudii
Estos resultados indican that C. tschudii es la especie mas cercanamente relacionada a C. porcellus, y estos arboles fueron consistentemente mas largos, menos probables y robustos, y con menos caracteres definitorios que el optimo.
Holocene Vegetation History from Fossil Rodent Middens near Arequipa, Peru
Abstract Rodent (Abrocoma, Lagidium, Phyllotis) middens collected from 2350 to 2750 m elevation near Arequipa, Peru (16°S), provide an ∼9600-yr vegetation history of the northern Atacama Desert,
Chiral Inversion of (R)-Ketoprofen: Influence of Age and Differing Physiological Status in Dairy Cattle
Results of this work indicate a differing enantioselective metabolic behaviour for one compound in one species under different physiological situations.
Phylogeography of the Marine Otter (Lontra felina): historical and contemporary factors determining its distribution.
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA revealed the recent divergence of L. felina from L. provocax, and the role of spatial heterogeneity in shaping the distribution and population structure of the endangered marine otter, Lontra felina, is reported on.
Phylogenetic relationships of the pygmy rice rats of the genus Oligoryzomys Bangs, 1900 (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae)
A molecular clock derived for these data suggests an origin for the genus Oligoryzomys of 6.67 Mya, with most speciation within the genus occurring between 3.7 and 1.5 MyA.
Some Pharmacokinetic Parameters of R-(–)- and S-(+)-Ketoprofen: The Influence of Age and Differing Physiological Status in Dairy Cattle
The effects of age and physiological status (lactation, gestation, gestation) should be taken into account for therapeutic regimens in view of the differences between calves and adult cattle in the pharmacokinetic results for ketoprofen.
Description of a new tribe of sigmodontine rodents (Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae) with an updated summary of valid tribes and their generic contents
We provide a formal recognition to a tribal level clade composed of Andinomys and Punomys, two extant sigmodontine genera consistently and repeatedly recovered in the phylogenetic analyses of
Molecular phylogenetics of mouse opossums: new findings on the phylogeny of Thylamys (Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae)
The phylogenetic and biogeographical relationships of all currently known living species of the genus Thylamys are evaluated, recognizing a new taxon from the middle and high elevations of the Peruvian Andes and evaluating the phylogenetic structuring within T. pallidior and T. elegans.