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Thermal, structure and morphological properties of lithium disilicate glasses doped with copper oxide and their glass–ceramic derivatives
Abstract This research aims to investigate and compare the structural and the morphological properties of both lithium disilicate glasses doped with copper oxide and their glass–ceramic derivatives.Expand
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Optical and infrared properties of lithium diborate glasses doped with copper o xide: Effect of gamma irradiation
A series of lithium diborate glasses containing successive CuO contents have been prepared by conventional melt annealing technique. Optical and infrared spectral properties have been measured beforeExpand
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Effect of Zn substitution on relaxation characteristics and dielectric properties of Cu1−xZnxGa0.5Fe1.5O4 spinel
Abstract Single-phase spinel ferrite samples: CuFe 2 O 4 and Cu 1− x Zn x Ga 0.5 Fe 1.5 O 4 with (0.0 ≤  x  ≤ 0.5) were synthesized. The dielectric permittivities ( ɛ ′ and ɛ ″) and dielectric lossExpand
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Gamma rays interaction with copper doped lithium phosphate glasses
Abstract Undoped and copper-doped lithium phosphate glasses were prepared. CuO-doped glasses possess characteristic greenish color which deepens with the increase of CuO content. Experimental opticalExpand
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Transport properties of CuInS2, CuInSe2 and CuInTe2 thin films
Abstract Transport properties, namely electrical conductivity σ, Hall coefficient R H and thermoelectric power Q , have been measured for thin films of the ternary chalcopyrite compounds CuInS 2 ,Expand
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In vitro bioactivity evaluation, mechanical properties and microstructural characterization of Na₂O-CaO-B₂O₃-P₂O₅ glasses.
Na2O-CaO-B2O3-P2O5 glasses have been prepared by the melt-quenching method. B2O3 content was systematically increased from 5 to 30 mol%, at the expense of P2O5, in the chemical composition of theseExpand
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Preparation by mechanical alloying, characterization and sintering of Cu–20 wt.% Al2O3 nanocomposites
Abstract Metal-matrix nanocomposite, composed of copper/20 wt.% Al 2 O 3 , was fabricated by mechanical alloying method. The starting powders mixture was milled in planetary ball mill up to 20 h. TheExpand
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Structural studies and mechanical properties of some borate glasses doped with different alkali and cobalt oxides
Abstract Mixed alkali borate glasses doped with CoO, have been prepared by the melt quenching technique. Elastic properties and FT-IR spectroscopic studies have been employed to study the role of CoOExpand
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Gamma ray interactions with undoped and CuO-doped lithium disilicate glasses
Abstract Ultraviolet–visible absorption of undoped lithium disilicate glass reveals strong UV absorption and no visible bands could be identified. Such UV absorption is related to the presence ofExpand
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Determination of the effective mass for highly degenerate copper selenide from reflectivity measurements
An investigation was made of the plasma reflection of light and the results were used to find the effective mass of highly degenerate copper selenide,p>1020 cm−3, as a function of carrierExpand
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