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Molecular phylogeny of advanced snakes (Serpentes, Caenophidia) with an emphasis on South American Xenodontines: a revised classification and descriptions of new taxa
Este trabalho apresenta uma analise filogenetica molecular das serpentes avancadas (Caenophidia), realizada com base na analise de sequencias de dois genes mitocondriais (rRNA 12S e 16S) e de um geneExpand
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A Complete Skull of an Early Cretaceous Sauropod and the Evolution of Advanced Titanosaurians
Advanced titanosaurian sauropods, such as nemegtosaurids and saltasaurids, were diverse and one of the most important groups of herbivores in the terrestrial biotas of the Late Cretaceous. However,Expand
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A Cretaceous terrestrial snake with robust hindlimbs and a sacrum
It has commonly been thought that snakes underwent progressive loss of their limbs by gradual diminution of their use. However, recent developmental and palaeontological discoveries suggest a moreExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of the New World Dipsadidae (Serpentes: Colubroidea): a reappraisal
We present a phylogenetic analysis of the New World dipsadids based on an expanded data matrix that includes 246 terminal taxa including 196 dipsadids. The species are sampled for eight genes (12S,Expand
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A New Notosuchian from the Late Cretaceous of Brazil and the Phylogeny of Advanced Notosuchians
A new notosuchian crocodyliform from the Late Cretaceous Bauru Group found in the southeastern State of São Paulo (Brazil) is described here. The new taxon, Caipirasuchus stenognathus, is referred asExpand
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The skull of the Upper Cretaceous snake Dinilysia patagonica Smith-Woodward, 1901, and its phylogenetic position revisited
The cranial anatomy of Dinilysia patagonica, a terrestrial snake from the Upper Cretaceous of Argentina, is redescribed and illustrated, based on high-resolution X-ray computed tomography and betterExpand
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Redescription of the Cranial Morphology of Mariliasuchus Amarali, and Its Phylogenetic Affinities (crocodyliformes, Notosuchia)
Abstract The cranial morphology of Mariliasuchus amarali, a poorly known notosuchian from the Late Cretaceous of Southeastern Brazil, is redescribed based on new material. Its phylogenetic affinitiesExpand
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The anatomy of the upper cretaceous snake Najash rionegrina Apesteguía & Zaher, 2006, and the evolution of limblessness in snakes
Najash rionegrinaApesteguia & Zaher, 2006, a terrestrial fossil snake from the Upper Cretaceous of Argentina, represents the first known snake with a sacrum associated with robust, well-developedExpand
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A new species of Baurusuchus (Crocodyliformes, Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Upper Cretaceous of Brazil, with the first complete postcranial skeleton described for the family Baurusuchidae
The present work describes a new species of Baurusuchidae from Upper Cretaceous sediments of the Bauru Basin, and provides the first complete postcranial description for the family. Many postcranialExpand
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Levantamento, identificação e descrição da fauna de Squamata do Quaternário brasileiro (Lepidosauria)
The present work represents the first extensive survey of the squamate fauna from caves and archaeological sites in Brazil. More than 1530 cranial and post-cranial pieces of Squamata are analyzedExpand
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