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Molecular Cloning of a Metallothionein-Like Gene from Nicotiana glutinosa L. and Its Induction by Wounding and Tobacco Mosaic Virus Infection
A metallothionein-like gene that is inducible by tobacco mosaic virus and by wounding was cloned in the process of subtractive cloning of disease resistance-response genes in Nicotiana glutinosa and its possible role in wounded and pathogen-stressed plants is discussed. Expand
Characteristics of Domestic and Imported Red Wines
This study was conducted to evaluate quality of domestic wines, with a long-tenn goal of improving their quality. We compared the characteristics of 19 domestic and imported red wines. The titratableExpand
Resistance to Elsinoë Ampelina and Expression of Related Resistant Genes in Vitis Rotundifolia Michx. Grapes
  • C. Louime, J. Lu, +4 authors H. Yun
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of molecular sciences
  • 1 June 2011
Resistant muscadine cultivars identified in this study could be excellent candidates for grape disease resistance breeding programs. Expand
Comparison of accumulation of stilbene compounds and stilbene related gene expression in two grape berries irradiated with different light sources
In this study, the accumulation of stilbene compounds and the expression of genes related to their syntheses in ‘Campbell Early’ and ‘Kyoho’ grapes (Vitis sp.) were investigated by irradiating theExpand
Characteristics of cold hardiness and growth of grapevines grown under rain shelter type cultivation system in the vineyard.
The damage of grapevines by cold in the extreme low temperature could be reduced by keeping them in the rain shelter system with net during winter season. Expand
Cloning of a Pathogenesis-Related Protein-1 Gene from Nicotians glutinosa L. and Its Salicylic Acid-Independent Induction by Copper and β-Aminobutyric Acid
Temporal expression studies of PR-1 and glucanase (PR-2) genes in tobacco revealed that induction of PR gene expressions in tobacco by copper and (β-ABA treatment are not dependent on accumulation of endogenous SA following treatment of those chemicals. Expand
Expression of genes related to flavonoid and stilbene synthesis as affected by signaling chemicals and Botrytis cinerea in grapevines
The nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of STS genes from cultivars Campbell Early and Kyoho were compared and differential expression patterns from STS1, STS24, and STS13 in Campbell Early leaves inoculated with B. cinerea were shown. Expand
In vivo Evaluation of Resistance of Grape Varieties to Crown Gall Disease
The resistance to crown gall in grape rootstocks was evaluated by inoculating cuttings from 27 grape rootstock varieties with Agrobacterium vitis strain Cheonan 493, and `779P` was found to be higbly susceptible to crowngall. Expand
Inhibition of Botrytis cinerea and accumulation of stilbene compounds by light-emitting diodes of grapevine leaves and differential expression of defense-related genes
The results reported here will facilitate development of alternative methods to enhance the accumulation of resveratrol compound and protect grapevine from fungal pathogen infections. Expand