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An Adaptive Shared Control System for an Intelligent Mobility Aid for the Elderly
The control system for a personal aid for mobility and health monitoring (PAMM) for the elderly is presented. PAMM is intended to assist the elderly living independently or in senior assisted livingExpand
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Robotic Personal Aids for Mobility and Monitoring for the Elderly
Two rehabilitation devices, or personal aids for mobility and monitoring (PAMM), for use by the elderly are presented. The devices are intended to delay the transition from eldercare (assistedExpand
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PAMM - a robotic aid to the elderly for mobility assistance and monitoring: a "helping-hand" for the elderly
  • S. Dubowsky, F. Génot, +4 authors L. Yu
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Proceedings ICRA. Millennium Conference. IEEE…
  • 24 April 2000
Meeting the needs of the elderly presents important technical challenges. In this research, a system concept for a robotic aid to provide mobility assistance and monitoring for the elderly and itsExpand
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A review of lower extremity assistive robotic exoskeletons in rehabilitation therapy.
The rapid advancement of robotics technology in recent years has pushed the development of a distinctive field of robotic applications, namely robotic exoskeletons. Because of the aging population,Expand
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Human–Robot Interaction Control of Rehabilitation Robots With Series Elastic Actuators
Rehabilitation robots, by necessity, have direct physical interaction with humans. Physical interaction affects the controlled variables and may even cause system instability. Thus, human-robotExpand
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A brain-inspired spiking neural network model with temporal encoding and learning
Abstract Neural coding and learning are important components in cognitive memory system, by processing the sensory inputs and distinguishing different patterns to allow for higher level brainExpand
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Design and control of a novel compliant differential shape memory alloy actuator
Abstract This paper presents the design and control of a novel compliant differential shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator with significantly improved performance compared to traditional bias andExpand
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Kinematic comparison of surgical tendon-driven manipulators and concentric tube manipulators
Robot manipulators are increasingly used in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). They are required to have small size, wide workspace, adequate dexterity and payload ability when operating in confinedExpand
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Identification and Characterization of Putative Virulence Genes and Gene Clusters in Aeromonas hydrophila PPD134/91
ABSTRACT Aeromonas hydrophila is a gram-negative opportunistic pathogen of animals and humans. The pathogenesis of A. hydrophila is multifactorial. Genomic subtraction and markers of genomic islandsExpand
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Self-Contained Pedestrian Tracking During Normal Walking Using an Inertial/Magnetic Sensor Module
This paper proposes a novel self-contained pedestrian tracking method using a foot-mounted inertial and magnetic sensor module, which not only uses the traditional zero velocity updates, but alsoExpand
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