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Cavity Expansion Methods in Geomechanics
  • H. Yu
  • Engineering
  • 30 September 2000
Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. Part I: Fundamental Solutions. 2. Elastic Solutions. 3. Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Solutions. 4. Critical State Solutions. 5. Further Elastoplastic Solutions. 6.Expand
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An analysis of the quasi-static expansion of a cylindrical or spherical cavity in an infinite dilatant elastic-plastic soil is presented. Closed form solutions for the stress and displacement fieldsExpand
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Stability of plate anchors in undrained clay
Soil anchors are commonly used as foundation systems for structures requiring uplift resistance, such as transmission towers, or for structures requiring lateral resistance, such as sheet pile walls.Expand
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Plasticity and geotechnics
  • H. Yu
  • Materials Science
  • 2006
Fundamentals.- Elements of Continuum Mechanics.- Foundations of the Theory of Plasticity.- General Elastic-Plastic Theorems.- Constitutive Relations.- Perfect Plasticity.- Isotropic Hardening andExpand
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Two- and three-dimensional bearing capacity of foundations in clay
Bearing capacity calculations are an important part of the design of foundations. Most of the terms in the bearing capacity equation, as it is used today in practice, are empirical. Shape factors forExpand
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CASM: a unified state parameter model for clay and sand
  • H. Yu
  • Mathematics
  • 1 August 1998
The purpose of this paper is to present a simple, unified critical state constitutive model for both clay and sand. The model, called CASM (Clay And Sand Model), is formulated in terms of the stateExpand
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A novel discrete model for granular material incorporating rolling resistance
Abstract This paper presents a novel two-dimensional (2D) discrete model for granular materials with rolling resistance. The salient features of our formulation are: it consists of a geometricallyExpand
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Analysis of Cone Resistance: Review of Methods
Cone tip resistance is the most widely measured quantity in the cone penetration test. A brief review is made of presently available theories for the analysis of cone resistance. The theories areExpand
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Three-Dimensional Lower Bound Solutions for Stability of Plate Anchors in Clay
Soil anchors are commonly used as foundation systems for structures that require uplift or lateral resistance. These types of structures include transmission towers, sheet pile walls, and buriedExpand
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Aspects of finite element implementation of critical state models
Abstract In this paper, some practical aspects of the finite element implementation of critical state models are discussed. Improved automatic algorithms for stress integration and load and timeExpand
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