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Reliability-based linear analysis of low-rise RC frames under earthquake excitation
Determination of seismic reliability of low-rise moment resisting frame RC buildings has been done using probabilistic analysis in this paper. The effect of the number of stories on the safety level
A Fast Crystal Identification Algorithm Applied to the LabPET™ Phoswich Detectors
Detectors based on LYSO and LGSO scintillators in a phoswich arrangement coupled to an avalanche photodiode are used in the LabPETtrade, an all-digital positron emission tomography (PET) scanner for
A pulse simulator for crystal identification validation of phoswich detectors used in positron emission tomography
A pulse generator simulator was developed to generate PET signals and investigate the effects of factors such as electronic noise, photon statistics and pulse shaping filter, which enables CI algorithms to be validated together with detector performance at an early stage of scanner design.
The Effect of Photon Statistics and Pulse Shaping on the Performance of the Wiener Filter Crystal Identification Algorithm Applied to LabPET Phoswich Detectors
A fast Wiener filter-based crystal identification (WFCI) algorithm was recently developed to discriminate crystals with close scintillation decay times in phoswich detectors. Despite the promising
ULTRA-Fast wiener filter based crystal identification algorithm applied to the LabPETTM phoswich detectors
A 2-fold faster CI approach which also takes into consideration the input gain coefficient of each crystal, and incorporates the DAQ chain model -in the Z domain- to each individual crystal model evaluated in a Wiener filter calibration process.
LabPET pulse simulator for crystal identification validation of multi-layer phoswich detectors
A detector pulse simulator was recently developed to simulate digital output signals from LabPET, an APD-based small animal Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner developed at Universite¿ de