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CsPH8, a P-type proton pump gene, plays a key role in the diversity of citric acid accumulation in citrus fruits.
It is confirmed that CsPH8 plays a key role in the variation of citric acid content, and supported that the acid fluctuation influenced by drought, is at least partly due to the change of Cs PH8 transcript level. Expand
Efficacy of Hydroxy-L-proline (HYP) analogs in the treatment of primary hyperoxaluria in Drosophila Melanogaster
Addition of Hydroxy-L-Proline analogs to growth medium resulted in the reduction of CaOx crystals formation and these analogs show promise as potential inhibitors for oxalate reduction in Primary Hyperoxaluria. Expand
Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus ticks as reservoir and vector of 'Candidatus Mycoplasma haemobos' in China.
This study shows that R. (B.) microplus ticks could serve as a vector and reservoir of 'C. M. haemobos' among R. M., and the positive female ticks naturally infected could pass 'C.' haemobo' to mice at egg and larval stages. Expand
Cellular Evidence and Source of Exosomes in the Biliary System of the Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtle, Pelodiscus sinensis
Direct evidences are provided that biliary exosomes are secreted by hepatocytes into bile canaliculus and flow with bile into the gallbladder, providing technical support and a theoretical basis for the exploration of potential antiviral or anti-inflammatory properties of biliaryExosomes. Expand
Fresh fruit consumption may decrease the long‐term risk of esophageal cancer mortality: A 30‐year follow‐up study in the Linxian Dysplasia Nutrition Intervention trial (NIT)
The objective of this study was to explore the association between fresh fruit consumption and long‐term risk of upper gastrointestinal cancer (UGI) in the Linxian Dysplasia Nutrition InterventionExpand
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy to study the biological activity of anticancer agent
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) is a sensitive and selective spectroscopic technique for the detection and characterization of analytes, which are adsorbed on suitable metal surfaces. SERSExpand
Comparative study of survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 inoculated in pork batter after ohmic cooking and water bath cooking.
The results indicated that OH had greater potential in the application of meat batter processing and the inactivation effect of E. coli O157:H7 by OH was comparable to WB. Expand
Identification of signature proteins of processed Bombyx batryticatus by comparative proteomic analysis.
A novel strategy based on comparative proteomic analysis was developed to disclose inherent differences between processed and highly processed Bombyx batryticatus, and the developed novel strategy could ensure its safety and efficacy. Expand
Marker-free lines of phytase-transgenic Brassica napus show enhanced ability to utilize phytate
Through regeneration of 30 selected Brassica napus cultivars a non-genotype-specific and highly efficient regeneration system was established using two-step tissue culture and phytase-transgenic B. napus lines were developed that can utilize organic P and exhibit improved P uptake and utilization. Expand
In vivo determination of triglyceride (TG) secretion in rats fed different dietary saturated fats using (2- sup 3 H)-glycerol
Male, Sprague-Dawley rats (154{plus minus}1 g) were fed diets containing 2% corn oil (CO) + 14% butterfat (BF), beef tallow (BT), olive oil (OO) or coconut oil (CN) vs a 16% CO control diet for 5Expand