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A simple, efficient method for realistic animation of clouds
This paper proposes a simple and computationally inexpensive method for animation of clouds that can realize the realistic motion of clouds, shadows cast on the ground, and shafts of light through clouds. Expand
Animation of Water Droplets on a Glass Plate
This paper proposes a method for generating an animation of water droplets and their streams on a glass plate, such as a windowpane or windshield, taking into account the dynamics between fluid andExpand
Element-free Galerkin method for electromagnetic field computations
Application of the proposed method for electromagnetic field computation and verification of the obtained results using theoretically known solution is presented, and the mathematical background for the moving least square approximation employed in the method is given. Expand
Display Method of the Sky Color Taking into Account Multiple Scattering
Two methods are proposed: a fast method to calculate the spectral distribution of sky radiation for single scattering, and an efcient method to calculated the sky color taking into account multiple scattering. Expand
A Quick Rendering Method Using Basis Functions for Interactive Lighting Design
A method of quickly generating images of a given scene illustrating an interreflective environment illuminated by sources with arbitrary luminous intensity distributions is proposed and combined with an interactive walk‐through that employs intensity mapping, an interactive system for lighting design is implemented. Expand
Modeling of clouds from satellite images using metaballs
The paper proposes an image based modeling of clouds where realistic clouds are created from satellite images using metaballs for applications to space flight simulators, the visualization of the weather information, and the simulation of surveys of the Earth. Expand
Improved interactive visualization of magnetic flux lines in 3-D space using edge finite elements
An improved method for interactive visualization of magnetic flux lines in 3-D space is presented. The problem of determining the number of flux lines and their starting position is treated andExpand
Automatic mesh generation in finite element analysis using dynamic bubble system
In this article an improved automatic mesh generation method for finite element analysis (FEA) using a dynamic bubble system is presented. The proposed method features two separate routines; one forExpand
Modeling of Skylight and Rendering of Outdoor Scenes
In order to generate a photorealistic image not only the direct sunlight but also skylight must be considered. Expand
Animation of water droplets moving down a surface
The proposed method employs a particle system in a discrete environment to calculate the movement of water droplets on a surface, and environment mapping for indicating the property of transparency to quickly render scenes through transparent objects. Expand