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Value of sonography in determining the nature of pleural effusion: analysis of 320 cases.
To assess the value of sonography in determining the nature of pleural effusions, we prospectively analyzed the sonographic findings in 320 patients with pleural effusion of various causes (224 withExpand
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Ultrasonographic evaluation of pulmonary consolidation.
A total of 161 patients with lobar or segmental consolidation were examined by realtime ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound. Air bronchograms were detected in 141 patients, fluid bronchograms in 27Expand
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Acute Elevations of Plasma Asymmetric Dimethylarginine and Impaired Endothelial Function in Response to a High-Fat Meal in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA), a compound detectable in human plasma, is an endogenous inhibitor of NO synthase. Endothelial dysfunction is an early event in atherogenesis, and large-vesselExpand
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US-guided transthoracic cutting biopsy for peripheral thoracic lesions less than 3 cm in diameter.
PURPOSE To evaluate the safety and accuracy of ultrasonography (US)-guided transthoracic cutting biopsy for diagnosing peripheral thoracic lesions (<3 cm). MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty consecutiveExpand
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Neural respiratory drive during apnoeic events in obstructive sleep apnoea
For a given neural drive, oesophageal pressure during apnoeic episodes may differ from that during airflow, since inspiratory airflow and increased lung volume both reduce pressure generation. ItExpand
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Evaluation of ultrasonically guided biopsies of mediastinal masses.
Eighty patients with roentgenographic evidence of mediastinal abnormalities were examined with ultrasonography. Fifty-four lesions were malignant, and 26 lesions were benign. The histologic diagnosesExpand
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Ultrasound study in unilateral hemithorax opacification. Image comparison with computed tomography.
The diagnostic capability of chest ultrasonography was assessed for use in evaluation of patients presenting with opacification of unilateral hemithorax on chest radiography. Hemithorax opacificationExpand
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Comparison of effectiveness of pressure threshold and targeted resistance devices for inspiratory muscle training in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Previous studies have provided little information about the comparative efficacy of treatment with pressure threshold and targeted resistive inspiratory muscle trainingExpand
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Ultrasound-guided core biopsy of thoracic tumors.
Two hundred and eighteen patients, with thoracic tumors larger than 3 cm in size, underwent ultrasound-guided percutaneous transthoracic core biopsy with a large-bore Tru-Cut needle. Fifty-fiveExpand
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Ultrasonographically guided biopsy of thoracic tumors. A comparison of large‐bore cutting biopsy with fine‐needle aspiration
A prospective study to compare the safety and diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonographically guided transthoracic large‐bore cutting biopsy histologic examination with fine‐needle aspiration cytologicExpand
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