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Evaluation of sonographic diagnostic criteria for placenta accreta
To compare the diagnostic value of reported sonographic criteria for placenta accreta and to develop a composite score system for antenatal evaluation.
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Genetic aspects of antibiotic induced deafness: mitochondrial inheritance.
Analysis of 36 pedigrees with a positive family history of aminoglycoside antibiotic induced deafness, ascertained in a population of 483,611 in Zhabei District in Shanghai, showed that theExpand
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Specific sonographic features of placenta accreta: tissue interface disruption on gray‐scale imaging and evidence of vessels crossing interface‐ disruption sites on Doppler imaging
The antenatal detection rate of placenta accreta (a collective term for accreta, increta and percreta) on ultrasound varies in the literature, ranging from 33% (4/12)1 to 100% (5/5)2. Similarly, theExpand
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The effect of fetal gender on nuchal translucency at 10–14 weeks of gestation
Recent data have suggested that fetal nuchal translucency (NT) is affected by fetal gender. We investigated the size of this effect in 12 189 unselected pregnancies with known normal outcomes thatExpand
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Examination of the secondary palate on stored 3D ultrasound volumes of the fetal face
To examine the use of oblique planes from stored three‐dimensional (3D) ultrasound volumes of the fetal face for viewing the secondary palate at various gestational ages.
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A Case of Thanatophoric Dysplasia: The Early Prenatal 2D and 3D Sonographic Findings and Molecular Confirmation of Diagnosis
Objective: To present the early 2D and 3D ultrasound findings and the molecular confirmation in a case of thanatophoric dysplasia. Methods: On ultrasound examination, there was frontal bossing,Expand
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Antenatal ultrasound assessment of placental/myometrial involvement in morbidly adherent placenta
Objectives:  To examine the usefulness of sonographic criteria in the assessment of the lateral extent and depth of myometrial involvement in morbidly adherent placenta.
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Sonographic study of the decidua basalis in the first trimester of pregnancy
To describe the sonographic appearance of the decidua basalis and its changes in the first trimester of pregnancy.
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Sonographic study of the decidua basalis in early pregnancy loss
To describe the sonographic findings in the decidua basalis layer in spontaneous early pregnancy loss and to compare them with those in normal pregnancy.
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Viewing of the Soft and the Hard Palate on Routine 3-D Ultrasound Sweep of the Fetal Face – A Feasibility Study
Objectives: To report a technique to view the fetal soft and hard palates, utilizing acquired routine 3-D volumes of the fetal face. Method: The axial, sagittal and coronal planes in acquired volumesExpand
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