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Marine algae of the Solomon Islands
An account is given of the benthic marine algae (and sea grasses) collected on the 1965 Royal Society Expedition to the Solomon Islands, comprising some 71 species of Chlorophyta, 27 of Phaeophyta), 121 of Rhodophyta and 14 of Cyanophyta.
Southern Australian Species of Ceramium Roth (Rhodophyta)
Fifteen species of Ceramium are recognized from the coast of southern Australia, and their distri- bution and ecology are outlined, with some of them of widespread distribution in other parts of the world and others largely confined to southern Australia.
A critical survey of the marine algae of Southern Australia. II. Phaeophyta
A survey of the known Phaeophyta of southern Australia, including synonomy, references, type data, and critical notes, finds the following new taxa: Sphacelaria carpoglossi, Distromium flabellaturn, and D. multifidum.
Southern Australian species of Polysiphonia Greville (Rhodophyta)
Twenty-six species of Polysiphonia are recognized from the coast of southern Australia, and much more critical study of the species is needed, especially of early species described from the Mediterranean and West Indies.
Studies on southern Australian taxa of Solieriaceae, Rhobdoniaceae and Rhodophyllidaceae (Rhodophyta)
The morphology, reproduction, and relationships of the southern Australian species of three closely related families of the Gigartinales (Solieriaceae, Rhabdoniaceae and Rhodophyllidaceae) are described and procarpy has arisen, by loss of ability to form connecting filament, from a non- procarpic ancestor such as Areschougia.