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Quantum Measurement and Control
The control of individual quantum systems promises a new technology for the 21st century – quantum technology. This book is the first comprehensive treatment of modern quantum measurement andExpand
Steering, entanglement, nonlocality, and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox.
An operational definition is provided, from which it is proved that steerable states are a strict subset of the entangled states, and a strict superset of the states that can exhibit Bell nonlocality. Expand
Quantum phenomena modelled by interactions between many classical worlds
We investigate whether quantum theory can be understood as the continuum limit of a mechanical theory, in which there is a huge, but finite, number of classical "worlds," and quantum effects ariseExpand
Experimental criteria for steering and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox
We formally link the concept of steering (a concept created by Schrodinger but only recently formalized by Wiseman, Jones and Doherty Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 140402 (2007)]) and the criteria forExpand
Entanglement of indistinguishable particles shared between two parties.
Using an operational definition we quantify the entanglement, E(P), between two parties who share an arbitrary pure state of N indistinguishable particles. We show that E(P)< or =E(M), where E(M) isExpand
Feedback-stabilization of an arbitrary pure state of a two-level atom
Unit-efficiency homodyne detection of the resonance fluorescence of a two-level atom collapses the quantum state of the atom to a stochastically moving point on the Bloch sphere. Recently, Hofmann,Expand
Specker’s parable of the overprotective seer: A road to contextuality, nonlocality and complementarity
In 1960, the mathematician Ernst Specker described a simple example of nonclassical correlations, the counter-intuitive features of which he dramatized using a parable about a seer, who sets anExpand
The Two Bell's Theorems of John Bell
Many of the heated arguments about the meaning of ‘Bellʼs theorem’ arise because this phrase can refer to two different theorems that John Bell proved, the first in 1964 and the second in 1976. HisExpand
One-sided device-independent quantum key distribution: Security, feasibility, and the connection with steering
We analyze the security and feasibility of a protocol for quantum key distribution (QKD) in a context where only one of the two parties trusts his measurement apparatus. This scenario lies naturallyExpand
Measuring measurement–disturbance relationships with weak values
Using formal definitions for the measurement precision and the disturbance (measurement back-action) , Ozawa (2003 Phys. Rev. A 67 042105) has shown that Heisenberg's claimed relation between theseExpand