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Testing general relativity with present and future astrophysical observations
One century after its formulation, Einstein's general relativity (GR) has made remarkable predictions and turned out to be compatible with all experimental tests. Most of these tests probe the theoryExpand
Accurate halo-model matter power spectra with dark energy, massive neutrinos and modified gravitational forces
We present an accurate non-linear matter power spectrum prediction scheme for a variety of extensions to the standard cosmological paradigm, which uses the tuned halo model previously developed inExpand
Unified description of screened modified gravity.
We consider modified gravity models driven by a scalar field whose effects are screened in high density regions due to the presence of nonlinearities in its interaction potential and/or its couplingExpand
Beyond ΛCDM: Problems, solutions, and the road ahead
Despite its continued observational successes, there is a persistent (and growing) interest in extending cosmology beyond the standard model, ΛCDM. This is motivated by a range of apparently seriousExpand
Beyond BAO: improving cosmological constraints from BOSS with measurement of the void-galaxy cross-correlation
We present a measurement of the anisotropic void-galaxy cross-correlation function in the CMASS galaxy sample of the BOSS DR12 data release. We perform a joint fit to the data for redshift spaceExpand
Scalar fields, strongly coupled to matter, can be present in nature and still be invisible to local experiments if they are subject to a screening mechanism. The symmetron is one such mechanism thatExpand
Vainshtein mechanism beyond the quasistatic approximation
Theories of modified gravity, in both the linear and fully non-linear regime, are often studied under the assumption that the evolution of the new (often scalar) degree of freedom present in theExpand
Systematic Simulations of Modified Gravity: Symmetron and Dilaton Models
We study the linear and nonlinear structure formation in the dilaton and symmetron models of modified gravity using a generic parameterisation which describes a large class of scenarios using only aExpand
Environment Dependence of Dark Matter Halos in Symmetron Modified Gravity
We investigate the environment dependence of dark matter halos in the symmetron modified gravity scenario. The symmetron is one of three known mechanisms for screening a fifth-force and therebyExpand
Systematic simulations of modified gravity: chameleon models
In this work we systematically study the linear and nonlinear structure formation in chameleon theories of modified gravity, using a generic parameterisation which describes a large class of modelsExpand