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Interaction of slow multicharged ions with solid surfaces
Abstract The present report deals with the main aspects of the interaction of slow (impact velocity typically below 1 a.u.) multicharged ions (MCI) with atomically clean solid surfaces of metals,Expand
Diffraction of fast atomic projectiles during grazing scattering from a LiF(001) surface.
Light atoms and molecules with energies from 300 eV to 25 keV are scattered under a grazing angle of incidence from a LiF(001) surface. For impact of neutral projectiles along low index directionsExpand
Potential sputtering
  • F. Aumayr, H. Winter
  • Medicine, Materials Science
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 2003
The potential energy stored in multiply charged ions is liberated when the ions recombine during impact on a solid surface. For certain target species this can lead to a novel form of ion–inducedExpand
Understanding the valency of rare earths from first-principles theory
The rare-earth metals have high magnetic moments and a diverse range of magnetic structures. Their magnetic properties are determined by the occupancy of the strongly localized 4f electronic shells,Expand
Particle Induced Electron Emission I
Kinetic electron emission from solid surfaces under ion bombardment.- Kinetic electron emission from ion penetration of thin foils in relation to the pre-equilibrium of charge distributions.- SlowExpand
Rumpling of LiF(001) surface from fast atom diffraction
Quantum diffraction of fast atoms scattered from the topmost layer of surfaces under grazing angles of incidence can be employed for the analysis of detailed structural properties of insulatorExpand
Absolute ionisation cross sections for electrons incident on O+, Ne+, Xe+ and Ari+(i=1,...,5) ions
Absolute ionisation cross sections for electrons incident on O+, Ne+, Xe+ and Ar1+,..., Ar5+ ions have been measured at electron energies Ee between the ionisation threshold Ei and 830 eV. TheExpand
Evidence for F(-) formation by simultaneous double-electron capture during scattering of F(+) from a LiF(001) surface.
Slow F(+) ions (v<0.1 a.u.) scattered from a clean and flat LiF(001) surface under a grazing angle of incidence exhibit a high probability for forming F(-) ions in the reflected beam, whereas noExpand
Diffraction of fast atoms under axial surface channeling conditions
Abstract For scattering of fast atoms under axial channeling conditions from surfaces diffraction effects have been observed in the distributions for scattered projectiles. Basic features concerningExpand