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Factors for Success in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
The importance of effective customer relationships as a key to customer value and hence shareholder value is widely emphasised. In order to enhance these relationships, the application of IT toExpand
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The impact of different touchpoints on brand consideration
Marketers face the challenge of resource allocation across a range of touchpoints. Hence understanding their relative impact is important, but previous research tends to examine brand advertising,Expand
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The diffusion of e-commerce in UK SMEs
The concept of the Internet as a cluster of related innovations, along with the staged approach to organisational learning exhibited by SMEs in other domains, suggest that e-commerce is likely to beExpand
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Numerical Analysis of Seed Morphology in Cucurbita Pepo
Quantitative data were collected for 24 commercial cultivars of Cucurbita pepo, four C. pepo collections from Mexico, six populations of C. texana from Texas, and three spontaneous populations ofExpand
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The way towards thermonuclear fusion simulators
A European task force on integrated tokamak modelling has been activated with the long term aim of providing the EU with a set of codes necessary for preparing and analysing future ITER discharges, with the highest degree of flexibility and reliability. Expand
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Septic Arthritis and osteomyelitis caused by an organism of the genus Rhodococcus.
We describe a previously healthy, immunologically normal young girl who presented painless swelling of fingers, a toe, and one knee. Roentgenograms were consistent with osteomyelitis of the phalangesExpand
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Septicemia due to Neisseria lactamica.
Neisseria lactamica was isolated from the blood of a pediatric patient who had signs of septicemia and otitis media. Organisms morphologically resembling Neisseria, as well as gram-positive cocci,Expand
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Cerebrospinal fluid antibiotic concentrations in ventricular shunt infections.
The concentration of antibiotic in cerebrospinal fluid was measured during treatment of seven children with infected ventricular shunts. Antibiotics were administered via the ventricular shunt orExpand
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Etiologic diagnosis of intrapleural empyema by counterimmunoelectrophoresis.
Cultural methods failed to identify the infecting organism in 4 patients with intrapleural empyema. Antimicrobial drugs had been administered to 3 of the patients before their admssion to theExpand
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