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Identity regulation as organizational control: Producing the appropriate individual
This paper takes the regulation of identity as a focus for examining organizational control. It considers how employees are enjoined to develop self-images and work orientations that are deemedExpand
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The article subjects the assumptions and prescriptions of the ‘Corporate Culture’literature to critical scrutiny. the body of the article is devoted to teasing out the distinctive basis of its appealExpand
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Re-Embedding Situatedness: The Importance of Power Relations in Learning Theory
This paper critically addresses the coherence, reception, and dissemination of "situated learning theory" (Lave and Wenger 1991). Expand
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On the Idea of Emancipation in Management and Organization Studies
The article reconceptualizes the meaning of emancipation in management and organization studies and develops an approach that (a) takes into account recent criticism of its “totalizing” tendenciesExpand
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Managing the Academics: Commodification and Control in the Development of University Education in the U.K.
The paper analyzes a number of major developments in higher education in the U.K during the past decade or so. It explores the connection between changes in the organization and control of academicExpand
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Making Sense of Management: A Critical Introduction
The first edition of Making Sense of Management set out to provide a fresh perspective on management that was both broad and critical, exploring how the disruptive and constructive potential ofExpand
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Journal list fetishism and the perversion of scholarship: reactivity and the ABS list
The case for using academic journals lists is critically scrutinised. An effect of their use, it argued, is to stifle diversity and constrict scholarly innovation. A monoculture is fostered in whichExpand
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Organising the profession: A theoretical and historical examination of the development of the major accountancy bodies in the U.K.☆
Abstract The paper is concerned with the organisation of the accountancy profession in the U.K. In the first part a theoretical framework for understanding the emergence, development and role ofExpand
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Power and Subjectivity at Work: From Degradation to Subjugation in Social Relations
The paper presents a critical exploration of the treatment of subjectivity and power in sociology through an examination of recent developments in labour process theory. This is introduced through aExpand
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