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Insights into the abundance and diversity of abyssal megafauna in a polymetallic-nodule region in the eastern Clarion-Clipperton Zone
There is growing interest in mining polymetallic nodules in the abyssal Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ) in the Pacific. Nonetheless, benthic communities in this region remain poorly known. TheExpand
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Phylogeny of scale-worms (Aphroditiformia, Annelida), assessed from 18SrRNA, 28SrRNA, 16SrRNA, mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI), and morphology.
The phylogeny of scale-worms, benthic polychaetes carrying dorsal scales (elytra), including taxa from Acoetidae, Aphroditidae, Eulepethidae, Pholoidae, Pholoididae, Polynoidae and SigalionidaeExpand
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Phylogeny of Aphroditiformia (Polychaeta) based on molecular and morphological data.
The phylogeny of Aphroditiformia, benthic polychaetes carrying dorsal elytra, is assessed from nuclear 18S rDNA, mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI), and 31 morphological characters.Expand
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High symbiont diversity in the bone-eating worm Osedax mucofloris from shallow whale-falls in the North Atlantic.
Osedax worms are whale-fall specialists that infiltrate whale bones with their root tissues. These are filled with endosymbiotic bacteria hypothesized to provide their hosts with nutrition byExpand
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Vrijenhoekia balaenophila, a new hesionid polychaete from a whale fall off California
Vrijenhoekia balaenophila gen. nov., sp. nov. (Polychaeta, Hesionidae) is described from a whale carcass at near 3000 m depth in Monterey Canyon off the coast of California. The phylogeneticExpand
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Three new species of Ophryotrocha (Annelida: Dorvilleidae) from a whale-fall in the North-East Atlantic
Three new Ophryotrocha species are described from sites with high levels of organic carbon flux including a whale-fall at 125 m depth off the Swedish coast and sediment sampled at 104 m depth beneathExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships within Nephtyidae (Polychaeta, Annelida)
Ravara, A., Wiklund, H., Cunha, M. R. & Pleijel, F. (2010). Phylogenetic relationships within Nephtyidae (Polychaeta, Annelida). —Zoologica Scripta, 39, 394–405.
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A shallow-water whale-fall experiment in the north Atlantic
The study of hydrothermal vent and seep fauna is associated with great costs due to the deep and distant locations. Whale-falls, which are thought to have habitat conditions which overlap seepExpand
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Cryptic speciation at organic-rich marine habitats: a new bacteriovore annelid from whale-fall and fish farms in the North-East Atlantic.
Vigtorniella ardabilia sp. nov., a new chrysopetalid annelid, is described from a whale-fall in Sweden and from sediment samples collected beneath fish farms in Norway. The new Vigtorniella speciesExpand
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Bone-eating worms from the Antarctic: the contrasting fate of whale and wood remains on the Southern Ocean seafloor
We report the results from the first experimental study of the fate of whale and wood remains on the Antarctic seafloor. Using a baited free-vehicle lander design, we show that whale-falls in theExpand
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