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Antiangiogenic Activity and Cytotoxicity of Triterpenoids and Homoisoflavonoids from Massonia pustulata and Massonia bifolia.
The Hyacinthaceae family (sensu APGII), with approximately 900 species in around 70 genera, plays a significant role in traditional medicine in Africa as well as across Europe and the Middle and FarExpand
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The Antiangiogenic Activity of Naturally Occurring and Synthetic Homoisoflavonoids from the Hyacinthaceae ( sensu APGII).
Excessive blood vessel formation in the eye is implicated in wet age-related macular degeneration, proliferative diabetic retinopathy, neovascular glaucoma, and retinopathy of prematurity, which areExpand
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Bufadienolides and anti-angiogenic homoisoflavonoids from Rhodocodon cryptopodus, Rhodocodon rotundus and Rhodocodon cyathiformis.
BACKGROUND Homoisoflavonoids have been shown to have potent anti-proliferative activities in endothelial cells over other cell types and have demonstrated a strong antiangiogenic potential in vitroExpand
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The phytochemical investigation of five African Croton species: Croton oligandrus, Croton megalocarpus, Croton menyharthii, Croton rivularis and Croton megalobotrys
Abstract The chemistry of five African Croton taxa, Croton oligandrus Pierre ex Hutch., Croton megalocarpus Hutch., Croton menyharthii Pax, Croton rivularis Mull.Arg. and Croton megalobotrysExpand
Natural and synthetic homoisoflavonoids as inhibitors of ocular angiogenesis.
Pathogenic neovascularization underlies a number of degenerative ocular diseases, which together are the most common causes of blindness in children and adults. Novel therapies are sorely needed toExpand
Facile Synthesis and Proposed Mechanism of α,ω‐Oxetanyl-Telechelic Poly(3-nitratomethyl-3-methyl oxetane) by an SN2(i) Nitrato Displacement Method in Basic Media
ABSTRACT The synthesis of a novel heterocyclic–telechelic polymer, α,ω-oxetanyl-telechelic poly(3-nitratomethyl-3-methyl oxetane), is described. Infrared spectroscopy (IR), gel permeationExpand
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