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Butyl-meta-cycloheptylprodiginine--a revision of the structure of the former ortho-isomer.
A red pigment produced by the actinomycete strain B 4358 was identified as butyl-meta-cycloheptylprodiginine (4) by 1H, 13C and correlation via long range coupling NMR spectra. It shows strikingExpand
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Dihydrophencomycin methyl ester, a new phenazine derivative from a marine Streptomycete.
The novel 5,10-dihydrophencomycin methyl ester (4) and the known microbial metabolites (2-hydroxyphenyl)-acetamide (1), menaquinone MK9 (II, III, VIII, IX-H8) (2), and phencomycin (3a) were isolatedExpand
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Anthranilamides: new antimicroalgal active substances from a marine Streptomyces sp.
2-[Methyl-(3-phenylpropionyl)amino]-benzoic acid (1e) was isolated from a culture of marine Streptomyces sp. strain B7747. Analogous compounds have potential importance as phytotoxic substances,Expand
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delta-Indomycinone: a new member of pluramycin class of antibiotics isolated from marine Streptomyces sp.
from the culture broth of a Streptomyces strain (B 8300), obtained from the collection of marine actinomycetes at Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.Expand
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Induced Cholesteric Phases of Chiral Aminoanthraquinones
Abstract The temperature dependence of the HTP of 1, 4-bis-(S-1-(1-naphthyl)ethylamion)-9, 10-anthraquinone [S-5] or [R-5] and of 1, 8-bis-(S-1-(1-naphthyl)ethylamion)-9, 10-anthraquinone [S-6 in ZLIExpand
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Electrical test rigs offer the vehicle industry the opportunity of "road-testing" vehicles in the laboratory. Such tests are reproducible, save time and ensure high cost-effectiveness. As a result ofExpand
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