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Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism
This paper introduces IMTAS, an architecture enhancing existing tourist information systems with modern AI and multimedia technologies. IMTAS allows for a more flexible access to up-to-date
Information Technology and Tourism — A Challenging Relationship
Information systems in tourism, such as reservation systems, yield management systems, and tourism-marketing systems, have been among the pioneers of leading-edge technology applications and are
E-commerce and tourism
Travel and tourism are illustrating how e-commerce can change the structure of an industry---and in the process create new business opportunities.
A Survey of B2B Methodologies and Technologies: From Business Models towards Deployment Artifacts
A survey of the most promising specifications at both levels of B2B e-commerce and discusses how individual specifications on different levels fit together - starting from business models via business processes to artifacts ready for deployment.
Harmonise: A Step Toward an Interoperable E-Tourism Marketplace
Harmonise, a European project based on a Semantic Web approach and utilizing a Web services infrastructure, deals with business-to-business (B2B) integration on the "information" layer by means of an ontology-based mediation, which allows tourism organizations with different data standards to exchange information seamlessly without having to change their proprietary data schemas.
Intelligent Systems for Tourism
The authors discuss travel recommender systems, adaptive context aware mobility support for tourists, tourism information systems, information delivery and travel planning information gathering
Covering the semantic space of tourism: an approach based on modularized ontologies
The goal of this paper is to provide an alternative approach for covering the semantic space of tourism through the integration of modularized ontologies, such as user, W 3C Time or W3C Geo, that center around a core domain ontology for the tourism sector.