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Steroid regulation of somatostatin mRNA in the rat hypothalamus.
The participation of gonadal steroid hormones in the regulation of the expression of the somatostatin gene in the hypothalamus and cerebral cortex was studied by using a quantitative densitometricExpand
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A sulphonamido-indanone derivative CGP 28237 (ZK 34228), a novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent without gastro-intestinal ulcerogenicity in rats.
CGP 28237 (5-methylsulphonylamino-6-phenoxy-1-indanone) belongs to a series of structurally novel indanones. The compound is a weak acid (pK = 6.98), but it does not contain a carboxylic group. CGPExpand
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High levels of vasoactive intestinal peptide in human milk.
The presence of immunoreactive vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) in human milk has been demonstrated by high performance liquid chromatography and a specific radioimmunoassay. ImmunoreactiveExpand
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The induction of gastric mucosal tolerance to alcohol by chronic administration.
Acute alcohol intake produces marked damage to gastric mucosa. Whether gastric mucosa develops tolerance to repeated alcohol administration is unknown. To test this, we compared the effects of acuteExpand
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In vitro and in vivo responses to short‐term recombinant human insulin‐like growth factor‐1 (IGF‐I) in a severely growth‐retarded girl with ring chromosome 15 and deletion of a single allele for the
Patients with single allele defects in the gene encoding the type 1 IGF receptor have been reported to have growth failure, but fibroblasts from affected patients have not exhibited insensitivity toExpand
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The osteogenic effect of bone transplants in rabbits.
1. Transplantations of autografts and of Kiel bone to the iliac bone and to muscle tissue were performed in rabbits. Through labelling with two tetracycline compounds which have different fluorescentExpand
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A comparison of the kinetics of the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (MEM) and the tanned sheep erythrocyte electrophoretic mobility (TEEM) tests.
In this study the macrophage electrophoretic mobility (MEM) test was modified by using tanned sheep erythrocytes in place of guinea pig peritoneal macrophages as the indicator cells of lymphocyteExpand
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Immunoreactive and biologically active somatostatin in human and sheep milk.
The presence of immunoreactive and biologically active somatostatin in sheep and human milk has been demonstrated. Milk somatostatin exhibits similar chromatographic behavior to that of syntheticExpand
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The nutritive effect of glucose on teh structure and function of jejunal self-emptying blind loops in the rat.
In an attempt to obtain further information on the influence of the intestinal contents on the development of mucosal structure and function, self-emptying blind loops of rat jejunum wereExpand
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Growth hormone releasing factor-like immunoreactivity in human milk.
The presence of immunoreactive growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF) in human milk has been demonstrated. By using sequential high performance liquid chromatography, it has been shown that most ofExpand
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