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Biogas upgrading and utilization: Current status and perspectives.
Framework for scenario development in LCA
This article presents the results of the first phase of the SETAC-Europe LCA Working Group ‘Scenario Development in LCA’, which has started its work in April 1998, and distinguishes between two basic approaches for scenario development in L CA studies: What-if scenarios and Cornerstone scenarios.
Environmental consequences of future biogas technologies based on separated slurry.
This consequential life cycle assessment study highlights the key environmental aspects of producing biogas from separated pig and cow slurry, a relatively new but probable scenario for future biogas
Cradle-to-gate environmental assessment of enzyme products produced industrially in denmark by novozymes A/S
Goal, Scope and BackgroundEnzymes are biological catalysts with an enormous capacity to increase the speed of a huge variety biochemical reactions. Industrially produced enzymes are used in a broad
Modelling the carbon and nitrogen balances of direct land use changes from energy crops in Denmark: a consequential life cycle inventory
This paper addresses the conversion of Danish agricultural land from food/feed crops to energy crops. To this end, a life cycle inventory, which relates the input and output flows from and to the