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THE ART OF DAKWAH: social media, visual persuasion and the Islamist propagation of Felix Siauw
  • H. Weng
  • Political Science
  • 22 February 2018
Felix Siauw, a popular if controversial Chinese Muslim preacher, is well known for his affiliation with the transnational Islamist movement, Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), as well as for his extens...
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Although it carries a different title, this book is essentially a second edition of the author’s Linear Analysis of Competitive Economies (ten Raa, 1995). There is a good deal of overlap. Both worksExpand
Beyond “Chinese Diaspora” and “Islamic Ummah”: Various Transnational Connections and Local Negotiations of Chinese Muslim Identities in Indonesia
Going beyond the paradigm of a “Chinese Diaspora” and an “Islamic Ummah”, this article examines various transnational connections, translocal imaginings and local negotiations of Chinese MuslimExpand
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