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Experimental quantum teleportation
Quantum teleportation — the transmission and reconstruction over arbitrary distances of the state of a quantum system — is demonstrated experimentally. During teleportation, an initial photon whichExpand
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Violation of Bell's Inequality under Strict Einstein Locality Conditions
We observe strong violation of Bell's inequality in an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-type experiment with independent observers. Our experiment definitely implements the ideas behind the well-known work byExpand
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Experimental Demonstration of Free-Space Decoy-State Quantum Key Distribution over 144 km
In this paper, we report on the successful quantum key distribution using attenuated laser pulses over a real distance of 144 km. This link between the Canary islands of La Palma and Tenerife has aExpand
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Entanglement-based quantum communication over 144km
Quantum entanglement is the main resource to endow the field of quantum information processing with powers that exceed those of classical communication and computation. In view of applications suchExpand
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The SECOQC quantum key distribution network in Vienna
In this paper, we present the quantum key distribution (QKD) network designed and implemented by the European project SEcure COmmunication based on Quantum Cryptography (SECOQC) (2004?2008), unifyingExpand
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A fast and compact quantum random number generator
We present the realization of a physical quantum random number generator based on the process of splitting a beam of photons on a beam splitter, a quantum mechanical source of true randomness. ByExpand
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High efficiency entangled photon pair collection in type II parametric fluorescence
We report on a method for optimizing the collection of entangled photon pairs in type-II parametric fluorescence. With this technique, we detected 360000 polarization-entangled photon pairs perExpand
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Multiphoton entanglement and interferometry
Instytut Fizyki Teoretycznej i Astrofizyki Uniwersytet Gda´nski, 80-952 Gda ´nsk, PolandReceived 14 June 2002, accepted 21 June 2002Published online 30 April 2003Multiphoton entanglement is the basisExpand
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Experimental test of quantum nonlocality in three-photon Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger entanglement
Bell's theorem states that certain statistical correlations predicted by quantum physics for measurements on two-particle systems cannot be understood within a realistic picture based on localExpand
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Observation of three-photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger entanglement
We present the experimental observation of polarization entanglement for three spatially separated photons. Such states of more than two entangled particles, known as GHZ states, play a crucial roleExpand
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