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FracPaQ: A MATLAB™ toolbox for the quantification of fracture patterns
This paper describes FracPaQ, a new open source, cross-platform toolbox to quantify fracture patterns from 2-D digital images, including distributions in fracture attributes and their spatial variation. Expand
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Recombinant M2e outer membrane vesicle vaccines protect against lethal influenza A challenge in BALB/c mice.
Currently approved influenza vaccines predominantly protect through antibodies directed against the highly variable glycoprotein hemagglutinin (HA), necessitating annual redesign and formulationExpand
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Designer outer membrane vesicles as immunomodulatory systems – Reprogramming bacteria for vaccine delivery
ABSTRACT Vaccines often require adjuvants to be effective. Traditional adjuvants, like alum, activate the immune response but in an uncontrolled way. Newer adjuvants help to direct the immuneExpand
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A single dose and long lasting vaccine against pandemic influenza through the controlled release of a heterospecies tandem M2 sequence embedded within detoxified bacterial outer membrane vesicles.
The influenza A virus undergoes genetic drift and shift, leaving the general population susceptible to emerging pandemic strains, despite seasonal flu vaccination. Here we describe a single doseExpand
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Magnetised thermal self-focusing and filamentation of long-pulse lasers in plasmas relevant to magnetised ICF experiments
In this paper, we study the influence of the magnetised thermal conductivity on the propagation of a nanosecond 1014 W cm−2 laser in an underdense plasma by performing simulations of a paraxial modelExpand
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Self-assembly of collagen building blocks guided by electric fields.
Show me the way: protein building blocks are programmed to assemble hierarchically and yield a defined fiber morphology of micrometric length and precise nanometric diameter. The key step of thisExpand
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Beneficial Effects of Exercise on Subendothelial Matrix Stiffness are Short-Lived.
Aerobic exercise helps to maintain cardiovascular health in part by mitigating age-induced arterial stiffening. However, the long-term effects of exercise regimens on aortic stiffness remain unknown,Expand
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Raman spectroscopy: an effective thermal marker in low temperature carbonaceous fold–thrust belts
Abstract Raman spectroscopy allows thermal maturation of carbonaceous sediments to be determined. The technique has been employed on metamorphic samples exceeding temperatures of 270°C, but recentlyExpand
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Altered Biodistribution and Tissue Retention of Nanoparticles Targeted with P-Glycoprotein Substrates
Low molecular weight substrates of the efflux transporter, P-glycoprotein, alter the biodistribution and tissue retention of nanoparticles following intravenous administration. Of particular interestExpand